Payment details, summary, chat not loading

For 24 hours now when I open the app it will only display balance. It will not load transaction details, breakdown summary or the in app chat function. Not at all useful as a bank statement basically.

Have you tried deleting the app, and reinstalling it?

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Not yet. I was worried about doing that as I saw other recent bug issues were people not being able to login and I thought it I uninstalled I could get logged out completely. Done a force stop and phone restart.

After uninstalling the Monzo app, re-starting your device & installing the Monzo app, just ensure you log in with your existing details. Some users have accidentally chosen the ‘sign up’ route or have used an email which was not used by them when they signed up to Monzo - this places you into the sign-up flow, whereas because you are an existing user (and have used the same email you used to initially sign up with Monzo) you’ll be placed into the login flow, which then sends a magic link email to your registered email address to allow you to login.

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Monzo completely log me out whenever I turn my phone off, for some reason, and I’ve not personally experienced any issues logging back in, so I wouldn’t worry too much about the bug.

As the poster above me stated, it’s more likely people choosing the wrong option to log back in, or entered the wrong email, as I occasionally do. (Downside of have multiple aliases that I use interchangeably I guess. So I’m never certain which I used for Monzo).

Thanks all. I’ll give reinstalling a go.

Sometimes, well most for me, the email to login will appear in your Junk Mail.

Just in case you don’t see it promptly.

This has never been a thing to my knowledge. Could it be a phone feature that deletes session data or something. It surely won’t be the Monzo app doing it for you.

No idea. Possibly a bug with the current Monzo build with my device and OS version.

Could also be my phone clearing the session data, but if that was the case I would expect to happen consistently with other apps too, which isn’t the case.

I have reported the issue to Monzo and they are looking into it.

Do you have a Huawei per chance? My Mate 20 Pro is great at removing user sessions from most apps on a restart.

iPhone user here! Running iOS 13.6.1 on my daily driver, though this issue existed in 13.6 too. It’s a fairly recent issue, started around 2 or 3 months ago.

I should’ve remembered this from the Apple discussion… Ignore me!

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