PAYM, any nearer?

pingit is what introduced it to me as a first tier option for payments. Excellent app.

Is Pingit still a thing? Remember Barclays covering the country with it in 2012, but thought it had faded since then

Indeed it is; it adds a like feature and the ability to send money to either a phone number (Paym) or a Twitter handle too (via Pingit.)

Within the next few months bPay devices will be merged into the app too. I think it would be nice just to merge everything into the main Barclays app to be fair.

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It’s pretty good, fast, very polished. I agree with the above post, they should merge it all into the main app.

Pingit type implementation of PayM is half the problem… is Pingit PayM or is it just Barclays? Go on website and its not easy to work out… by this time you have given up and just done a bank transfer by manually entering in details. In my opinion PayM has not been a success because of the way it is marketing, and because some banks like Monzo don’t support it :wink:

PayM I think is a great solution, if people just understood it and didnt think it was another alternative to PayPal… it is just making it super easy to do a bank transfer, and in fact safer as it confirms who you are paying!


Hi Monzo community just joined the community but I have been with Monzo since March and to say I love it would be an understatement and do most of my banking though Monzo the only thing for me that stops a full switch to Monzo is the lack of support for Paym so would like to request that Monzo support Paym and that would get me to fully switch

Not really sure why you’d need this?

There’s a replication of the system - arguably a better alternative - already built and working.

Thank you for your reply I myself don’t use Paym it’s used by other family/friends to send me money and they are resistant to change.

So you want to move to Monzo but they refuse to send you money if you do? Sounds harsh :confused:

No it just makes it easier for them

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Ah ok :slight_smile:

You can give them your address. That’s nice and simple :slight_smile:

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I have a similar issue with friends on Paym and Pingit. The trouble with is that people have to enter their card details every time.

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Do other banks not allow you to save your payees then?

Well if they use Apple Pay or Google Pay, it has an option to just pay with Apple Pay or google pay via anyway, that way you’re not entering your card details every time :slightly_smiling_face:


what @Ordog asked and just have them add you as a payee

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Yes, but Paym and Pingit are way easier than legacy banking apps. Also I’ve had a number of friends unable to use Apple Pay for

The benefit to PAYM is when I send someone money it can go into their account without me needing their banking details.

If I use the Monzo method it relies on the recipient claiming the money which they might not do. When paying friends back I’d like them
to take the money.

Yeah I was talking about receiving

Yes this would be nice.

If I want to pay friends who do not have PAYM I need to ask for their banking details or if I weren’t on Monzo I would need to ask for address.

PAYM is frictionless

The point is people who want to pay you already have your phone number, but not your bank details.

I want to pay my mates, without having to ask their banking details.

If I want someone to pay me and they don’t know me I would just give them my account number and sort code


Can we keep to one PAYM thread?

We don’t need to copy and paste opinions to both threads.