Paying Monzo vs Non-Monzo accounts

Paying a contact to a monzo account is treated differently from any other bank account and it has features missing.
You can add payments to other bank accounts to shared tabs or schedule payments (for instance rent). However if the person you’re paying is on monzo this is not possible.

Details to reproduce:
Option 1: pay someone on monzo. Try to add this to a shared tab. Repeat steps for bank account outside monzo. You can now add it to tabs.
Option 2: go to payments screen. Press to pay a bank account from another bank and note the “schedule payment option”. Repeat steps for a monzo account and note that the option is missing.
OS: iOS 13.1.3
Device: Apple iPhone XS
App Version: 3.4.0


I’ve not tried option 1 so I’m not 100% on why that won’t work if I’m honest, hopefully someone can jump in and answer that one :crossed_fingers:

With option 2 though, that’s because payments from Monzo to Monzo are treated differently. It’s pretty in depth, but if you fancy reading the ins and outs, you can over here :point_right:

As a work around though, you can set up a scheduled payment to another Monzo account if you enter their sort code and account number instead of tapping on their contact. Not perfect of course, and definitely something we could think about working on. In an ideal world, minimising the taps to complete and action is always important :raised_hands:


I found this recently when I tried to schedule a payment to someone on Monzo and couldn’t figure out how.