Paying Bills With Monzo

How does it work ? I currently have an advocate who pays my bills ( BT, Water, Electricity )
But soon I will have full access and will be paying them myself

Do I give the company my bank account and sort code, then what do i need to do in my Monzo ?


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It’s all done for you to a degree.

You’ll probably want to be paying these by direct debit. Once you’ve given each supplier your sort code and account number, they will start to appear in your scheduled payments screen within the app.

There is little else for you to do!


Cool that sounds good

Same as any other bank and company that uses direct debits. All nice and straightforward and easy! If you don’t want to use direct debits you can usually use standing orders but requires you to setup and maintain them.


I’m new to banking as I was sectioned for a few years and since then had an advocate who helps me with my cash, I’ve proven that i’m now responsible so it’s time to look after the whole lot.
So if it’s a matter of giving the supplier my Monzo sort and account number then thats fairly straightforward thanks :slight_smile:


Get a copy of your latest bills from your advocate. They’ll have any references you need as well as the phone number you need to call. Some you might be able to set up and deal with online.
Speak to your advocate as they’ll be able to go through each company with you and might talk you through the process with each company


Just to echo what Emma has said. This is something your advocate should be going through with you. I’d be concerned if they just hand this over to you and swan off.
They should at the very least go through setting up your first bill. If they don’t, I’m sure there’s someone who will.


This is a really helpful blog post from Monzo


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