Payee's - Help me understand

(Glen) #1

Hi All,

Wonder if someone would be kind enough to explain something regarding Payee’s and the Payments Tab.

  • The New Contact Icon takes you to a page where you add First Name, Last Name etc. but if you do that, what actually happens? Because there’s no option for any banking details? In fact when I at least hit “Done” – I can’t see anywhere, where I have add the details or the contact?

  • If you send/receive payments then that account will remain in your RECENT indefinitely? You can add another bank account under the Payee? I like that as some people have multiple accounts … but you can’t edit the name, or even add a photo?

I am correct is saying, you still can’t save a Payee? Just will be in your recent list? I say this because I might like to add a Payee without actually paying them at that stage!?

Thank you. :wink:

(Caspar) #2

The new contact icons adds a new contact to your phone, which is a bit confusing, but it’s for paying ‘My Contacts’ - people in your phone contacts list who are also on Monzo.

You want to click ‘Pay’ then ‘By Bank Transfer’ if you want to set up a new payee with bank account and sort code. (This is on the new layout test, I can’t remember what the old layout looks like but its similar I’m sure).

(Glen) #3

Thanks, but can I not add a Payee without paying them? Or am I missing something?


No, you can’t. We’ve been asking for it for ages, but Monzo don’t seem to listen. It’s one of my biggest annoyances with the app

(Glen) #5

Thank you @ndrw - Yeah, it’s a bit crazy and a basic thing most Banking Apps have, including “legacy” Banks.


You can vote for these features here:

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Haven’t we been asking for this ever since the current account launch and it’s still not been done? :frowning:

(Glen) #8

Monzo seem to be concentrating on “other” features rather than essential / core features!?


It’s seemed like this for a while but it’s always denied or we get ‘it’s not an either or’

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(James Blackwell) #10

I’m not going full monzo simply because monzo seen to fail in doing whst they say is there big thing and listen to the customer. The simple core banking features people want are simply ignored by them

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(MikeF) #11

This topic always confused me with its talk of core features. It turns out I’ve just never banked with anyone who allows you to add payees without paying them! I’ve never had the ability to do this so I don’t miss it.


Santander do this which can be handy

But you are generally right, I dont miss it

(Paul) #13

Welcome to the world of the unloved payee management. There were meant to be improvements that solve all the issues you describe but Monzo seem to have abandoned this in favour of Plus, Points and other non essential upgrades. We can only keep badgering until someone listens :pray:t3: