✅ Payee list

Is Monzo so working on a saved payee list as other banks have (like an address book to set up and save payees)?

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Yes, they’re working on improving Payee Management within the next few weeks/months. It’s part of their big list.

Apple Pay :white_check_mark:
Large withdrawals/transfers :white_check_mark:
Cheque Deposits :white_check_mark:
Custom Pay Periods :white_check_mark:
Merchant acceptance :white_check_mark:
Web interface :white_check_mark:
Joint Accounts :soon:
Android app = iOS :soon:
Payee Management :soon:
International Payments :soon:
Better recurring payments :soon:
3DS :soon:
PIN lock :soon:
Interest on Savings :soon:

I should mention that I’m assuming it will feature this pretty basic functionality.