Pay@Pump (for beer!) 📰

(Saveen) #1

London bar installs world’s first (contactless) tap-and-pay beer pump.

Happy Friday Monzonauts! :monzo::beers:


I don’t like Beer that much but I’d be tempted to try this just for the sake of it.

(james_e_bell) #3

That is cool - I have gone to the thirsy bear where you can pour you own pints as well many times:

That one though you have to go and put your card behind the bar then you settle at the end so the contactless pump would be a lot more convenient

(Sacha) #4

I too have used the Thirsty Bear. TBH their implementation works better as you can use the table pumps, order other drinks from the bar, food and jukebox all in one once you have left your card with them. Unless you’re Billy Nomates, this is more of a novelty than being more broadly useful.