Password Protected Top Up

(Charles tarrant) #1

Password on top up card/ freezing from desktop or another phone.
I keep my card in a case phone/wallet. If I loose the phone I loose the card, if I neglect to lock the phone then someone steals it they can top themselves up and I can’t freeze the card with the app as I’ve lost the phone as well.

(Ben Green) #2

Renamed and re-categorised for clarity.

While I like the idea, I doubt it’ll be put into development as topping up will only be available until Monzo becomes a full bank and accepts BACS, allows for direct debits, standing orders and faster payments. All of those are to be expected early next year according to the roadmap.


If someone steals your phone you can log into your account from another device and freeze your card that way.

(Simon Turp) #4

Protection is already available if you have a Touch ID device. You can just lock the Monzo app to require Touch ID.

(Alex Sherwood) #5

This has also been discussed in-depth here -