Partnership with Bux?

Bux is a trading platform that has a very similar attitude towards customers as Monzo. Its very open to its customers and is loved by them because of this. It is a more casual and beginner orientated platform and has social aspects such as channels and groups to get people involved and to learn about trading.

I mention this because I am reading about revolut opening a cryptocurrency option within their app and if Monzo partnered with Bux (who have 5 cryptocurrencies on their app) and are developing a separate cryptocurrency app and a separate app for long term investments (as their current one is more short term trading focused). This potential partnership could bring in extra revenue for Monzo and Bux (I am an investor in both) and could help Monzo compete with other challenger banks such as starling and revolut in a cost effective way. I would love to see this partnership alongside others such as Moneybox.

Anyone else a Bux user and agrees with me or have any other better partnership ideas for Monzo?