Parcel Not Here - should I be concerned?

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DPD text you a 1-hour delivery window by 11am the day of delivery. You are also able to track the package almost real time on their website and can even see that your driver likes picking daisies on Sunday afternoons or whatever they write about themselves.

Their tracking really is the best out there so we won’t know more than their website


We’ve been through this loads of times - please just read one of your previous topics about the same thing.


Yeah usually you get a window and are able to track, but not today.

It says it will be delivered at 11am.

I honestly thought this was going to be a parody thread from someone else.

Do you need to ask about every single parcel/delivery? PATIENCE!


it’s not the same thing is it ? DPD have never just driven away without delivering my parcel

They ALL relate to delivery and how you can find out where your parcel is.


OK and how do i find out ? I click the chat in app and it just says it will be here at 11 am

By contacting the Monzo community


You tracked your last DPD parcel just fine. So it seems like you know how to do it but have just forgotten


I’ve tried that, and all I get is an automated response

Like ive said. Usually you can track it, but I cant today

We don’t have crystal balls and can’t see DPD’s systems. You really are just wasting your time creating threads here every time you have something delivered. You need to contact the seller and/or the delivery company and wait


There could be countless reasons.

Your parcel didn’t make it onto the truck
Your parcel didn’t get scanned onto the truck
Your parcel will go onto another truck that hasn’t left yet
The route has you to come later

None of which any of us here know anything about. Unless you’re waiting for a life saving body part in the delivery, I would just sit tight and if it doesn’t arrive today then chase it up.


I would just have patience, things are late, it happens, unless it’s something incredibly urgent where you’ll die if you don’t get it by that exact time then I wouldn’t worry.

A lot of the time where I live we have 2 DPD vans, one comes and then about an hour later another comes with a different driver, don’t know why or how, but I wouldn’t worry


Fair enough I’ll have to wait then. I was just wondering who to contact as the in-app chat is useless. Usually I can track the delivery by GPS but not today

The answer to “should I be concerned” is “No”

The parcel will either turn up, or it won’t. If it doesn’t, contact the seller and arrange a replacement or refund.


Maybe that truck didn’t have your package on? Where says that it should be there by 11 today?

You know from your messages how DPD works, so just sit down, chill, and wait for the 1 hour window etc.

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Says it on the tracking in the app. Usually I get a 1hr window and it will let me track where it is. I didn’t get either today.

the positive is that it doesn’t say it’s been delivered so hopefully it’s ok. My neighbours are fairly friendly too so if it has gone to the wrong address it should be ok

Then it’s not out for delivery. I have plenty of DPD deliveries recently, and none of them give me an estimated time for delivery until it’s actually been dispatched.

Are you sure it’s not 11pm?

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