It isnt for you. It wasnt directed at people simply not likely something.

Its the more extreme version of that when they dont like something, yet still watch every single episode and then complain about it more. I was mostly referring to when these complaints essentially boil down to “it wasnt for me”, but despite that, they act as if the quality is terrible and the show has to end just because they didnt like it. Its especially apparent in many of the fan communities when a change is made or something new is added to the canon. Some people really cant cope with these changes, even if the change makes complete sense.

I know i might have explained this terribly, but basically just understand that it wasnt aimed at what you did.

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Thank you :blush:

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Oddly the Paramount+ app isnt available on my LG Tv as an app but says its supported, luckily Sky have added it as an app themselves so I can watch through the box.

Quality seems very good I would be surprised if it wasn’t 4K.

I cant get it on the LG TV either. Will probably be added soon enough.

They have added a few Paramount+ adverts to My5.

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Added super pumped to my up next, the cast for that look great.

Just rewatched Halo episode 1. Still got me pumped like no show has since game of thrones. I appreciate the changes more this time around too! Probably difficult for the hardcore fans to move past initially but they really elevate the show and make it accessible to audiences beyond the games, and honestly, I don’t see how a series focusing on the master chief could have worked without them. A movie perhaps would have worked better staying true to the games, similar to forward unto dawn, but not a tv show.

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They only have the first 3 episodes and the third aired April 7th apparently, is there no more available on paramount or are we going to experience a big delay between US/UK paramount do you think

Most of their Paramount+ originals are being released weekly, even though they have already been released in the US.

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Having seen Halo in 4k HDR if its not hitting that your missing out, the intro alone looks epic in 4K.

Just had a quick look online and i dont particularly disagree with what people are saying. It isnt the greatest launch considering many series arent complete, most film franchises are missing films, and there isnt that much if you dont like certain genres of shows (e.g. sci-fi). People are struggling with how this costs £6.99 a month.

I will probably keep it as there are programmes that im interested in, but i can understand why other people are a little disappointed right now.

There are also a few people complaining about Sky Cinema on Now customers not getting it for free. I know this wasnt meant to happen, but the marketing wasnt exactly clear about this.

You also have the comments about the picture qnd audio quality.

It does seem that perhaps they should have made sure they got the rights to more series and films before launching, or many reduced the price until they get more of their catalogue onto the service.

I suspect they’ll be following the Disney+ formula, because it works quite well. We’ll be getting episodes weekly for the first season. Next season we’ll get them at the same time.

Quite smart doing 3 at launch. With 9 episodes and a a 1 week trial you get 4 of those episodes. You need it for 5 more weeks to get the rest. That guarantees them two months out of you.

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I fully understand why they are doing it, but i also understand why people arent happy with it.

And it isnt only new series that are missing episodes. A few of their older shows are missing episodes or entire series. This will be because their streaming rights are currently elsewhere, but it still doesnt give the best first impression.

However, its not a great surprise they are “missing” this content considering they never really advertised it in the first place. Their advertsing very much focused on the original series rather than their bigger franchises. Cant really blame Paramount+ when users are complaining about something they were never promised.

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Audio is fine through the Apple TV channel. It’s Dolby 5.1 and it sounded great. Visuals are one thing, but for me, the audio and soundtrack is a very large part of the halo experience with this show in my view, and that’s delivered.

As for 4K, that’s not something I need, or even necessarily want, but can understand the frustration from others.

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Yeah, I feel the same. I dont care about audio and picture quality as long as it is watchable, but fully understand that others dont feel the same way.

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I do also think twitter is always going to be misleading, especially this soon after the launch.

Most members of the general public wont have tried it yet, and also, how many are going to tweet something like “this service is good”.

People are much more likely to tweet about something if they think it is fantastic, or if they want to complain about it, and i doubt many people think it is fantastic, but im sure many people will think it is good.

Again, Ive probably explained this terribly, but hopefully you understand.

I watched friday the 13th part 6 last night through paramount+ on amazon prime on my tivo 360 box which i have set on the 4k setting and with the tv being 4k hdr also it looked really good picture quality was good as well , i wasnt sure about another streaming service but yeah i think we will keep it


I wasn’t going to bother subscribing but somehow missed that it’s free with Sky Cinema (which I already have heavily discounted).

Think I’ll start with Star Trek Strange New Worlds :slight_smile:


Good call. 5.1 audio and no blockiness or breaking up through amazon prime. Much better than the paramount+ app.

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I didnt know it was free with sky cinema until after I signed up for the free 7 days, I’ve never cancelled so fast

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apart from the fact pike has much more tech advanced enterprise than kirk yeah strange new worlds has promise