PAN number in the clear AMEX DD

Issue: reference number shows AMEX PAN number in the clear rather than obfuscating like other PANs on DDs

Details to reproduce: Pay AMEX card via DD
Device: iPhone 11 Pro Max
App Version: 3.10


No screenshots for security reasons

I’ve never quite understood why this is a problem - especially with SCA2 coming in. :thinking:

Tesco bank cards do the same thing

why are you letting other people look in your monzo app anyway

I should probably rephrase my previous message: @glasgow is absolutely right to report it as a bug - it’s inconsistent with the normally expected behaviour.

I suppose I was more after education about why it’s a problem, rather than policing how different people use the app!

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All of my direct debits do this.
e.g. both of my phone bills show my account number and my car finance shows the reg and agreement number. It’s down to whatever’s sent through as the payment reference and in AMEX’s case they send through the card number.

If it’s an issue you can open the transaction, tap the notes section to edit then delete the number.

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All my credit card DDs send through the reference number starred out other than the last 4 digits

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