Paid for Dark Mode?

I have seen a lot of demand for a Dark Mode and interested to see if people would pay for it?

Appreciate its not usually something people would pay for, but given the demand for it and the need for Monzo to make a profit ASAP (so people keep saying).

How much would you be willing to pay for it?
Or not?..

It’s coming, for free. I would pay exactly £0.00 for it as it’s an OS feature


I won’t use it when it’s free, so I wouldn’t pay for it.

Dark mode is for serial killers.


Excuse me! I’d say light mode is for sadists after sunset


Nothing. I will use it if/when it arrives, but I won’t be affecting the murder rate until then.

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It would be extremely shitty if they attempted to charge for an OS feature.


Not to mention getting booted from the AppStore

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I would pay exactly £0.00 for Dark Mode.

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Almost like putting a totally free service like credit score in a paid package.

Oh, wait…


It would be absolutely ridiculous to charge for that.

Yes, exactly like that.

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Completely different really.

You can still get your credit karma report for free. You just go to their website. If dark mode was only paid for, you wouldn’t be able to get it for free elsewhere.

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Oh I was talking about both being a shitty decision.

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I do like dark mode but it’s not really a priority at the moment. In my view anyway.

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Need for profit or not I think they would alienate even the most die hard fan if they tried to charge for dark. mode or any other lame ass feature that was part of the OS. Should they also charge for being able to use Touch ID on iOS?

I would pay £-30. That is the going rate for compensation when you make a complaint to Monzo right? ‘Cause that’s exactly what I’d immediately be doing if Monzo thought they could charge for implementing dark mode, a standard iOS feature… :rofl:


I would pay £0 :sweat_smile:

Credit Karma does it for free because they can try and upsell credit cards and loans and they have obligations with GDPR and data access… its not free for 3rd party companies to integrate… how people dont understand this…

On a side point I think its pretty crazy EVERY new thing people start moaning that it will be pay walled or “how much would you pay” crap… its crazy people leap that everything will have a charge when a few features monzo provides are behind a paid tier.

When I run my legacy bank app I get a notification to remortgage and credit card offers on the homepage trying to upsell me where as monzo is far far better.


Okay then.

NatWest give you this for free in their app. No ads.

NatWest have not bombarded me with ways to get credit due to this being integrated into their app.

It’s a free service that should be free.

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I would quite happily pay £1 per month for this.

If it helps Monzo and I get dark mode then win win in my mind.

There must be some development required either as a one off or ongoing basis and perhaps not a priority - unless they could gain revenue?..