P2P Contact List 'M' Icon

It would be cool to know who has Mondo in your contacts without tapping each individual to find out, So when you’re scrolling down your list of contacts in the send money tab you can see quickly who has Mondo and who does not.

maybe the famous Mondo ‘M’ next to the contact who has Mondo. bit like pingit :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree. This is something you can see with Revolut

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This is a tough one to execute well when thinking about privacy.

The biggest problem with this is what doing so implies: in order to match your address book to users with Mondo, the app would need to upload your whole address book to Mondo’s servers to find matches. That’s pretty scary.

Open Whisper Systems (the team behind Signal) wrote a great post contemplating some technical means to get around this (hashing, bloom filters, etc.), but ultimately it’s not clear that there’s a good solution that doesn’t entail significant trade-offs.

The solution we settled on for now is to only look up the user you select. This gives you excellent control of your address book data, but at the user experience cost you describe above.

Ultimately, we need to find the right balance between shipping amazing features, and respecting and protecting the privacy and personal data of all of our customers.


At the current time, there is no meaningful privacy implication with this anyway because you have public APIs which do this.

Once you support sending money to non-Mondo users, you don’t need to know anyway.

this would be amazing

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Kind of like WhatsApp.

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Whatspp doesnt let you send p2p payments.

@adamh1989 I know. But it does tell you who has WhatsApp installed on there phone which was the idea behind this topic!

Yep but this is a p2p contact list topic .

Totally support this. It would be great to know which of our contacts have Monzo so we can choose the best option to transfer money.

This is the only reason why I would need to know who has it at the moment’ although the ‘split bill’ functionality will need something like this too.

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