Ownership statement from both rounds?


Quick q: for those of us lucky enough to have been able to invest both rounds, I was wondering whether anything will happen to ‘merge’ the ownership statements from the 2 rounds?

My first round shows class “Ordinary shares” in “Focus FS Ltd”, the second round shows class “ordinary” in “MONZO BANK LTD”

I’ve saved both of the statements for reference just was curious as to how this works in the background - do I now own the combined number of shares in MONZO BANK LTD (by adding the two statements together) or are they separate somehow?


Just like in a café buying one slice of a cake and then buying another, they remain two slices and don’t miraculously join together and become one larger slice


But have you purchased two slices of the one (same) cake (in that together on the same plate they will make up a larger percentage of the cake), or a slice of Carrot and a slice of Victoria Sponge?


Haha also the slice is not a single consistent slice but a group of crumbs (shares)?

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@JamesBell Hey James, no just to confirm your ownership statements are kept separate, as you invested in two different round with two different share valuations :slightly_smiling_face:

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To answer your last question, unless they split the shares, you now own the sum of the two statements in monzo bank.

Just with respect to the company name, Crowdcube actually reissued the original ownership statements in February of this year (also downloadable from https://www.crowdcube.com/portfolio-summary), substituting “Focus FS Ltd” (the original name) with “Monzo Bank Limited”.