Overdraft status

It is not very intuitive that when I go to overdrafts default is shown £1000.
If I set to zero to confirm the bounce option and reopen the overdraft menu, it will show again £1000.

This is confusing to me. It make more sense to show what is the current status then what could be set.

Are you referring to the slider where you set the amount you want for your overdraft?

If you are looking on the vertical pot menu it says the amount you have on the list, and then when you tap on it shows what it’s set to as well

Is that the menu you’re referring to?

I see only one place where overdraft is mentioned. From home screen -> Account and overdraft -> Manage Overdraft.

Not sure what is a vertical pot. You mean the bottom of spending page accessed from the Pie Chart icon ?

Yes. The slider goes back to default £1000 even if set to zero. Is this expected behaviour?

No, if you press your profile pic in the top left corner you get the pot list in vertical list

Overdrafts is towards the bottom

Still trying to navigate through the app and find the necessary info.

So we have:

  1. Home screen -> Account and overdraft -> Manage Overdraft
  2. Profile Icon -> Setup an Overdraft

Seems the app would really like the user to set this up :slight_smile:

From both locations same page will open with a slider at default maximum overdraft £1000.
No info about the current overdraft, or am I blind here :dark_sunglasses:

I get this
On the vertical pot list -

When I click on that from the list -

I only get the screen you see if I want to change the rate. Do you have overdraft switched on and an amount set. If you have it set to zero it’s just showing you the max you can have afaik

So the conclusion would be that the message
You’re eligible for up to £1000” means that the current overdraft is zero.

Once the overdraft is set to some value, limit will be shown only after you select change.

I assume there is a logic behind it :face_with_monocle:


Think of it like a loan. You might be eligable for a loan but you need to apply for one before it is given to you.

Therefore, set the overdraft amount and then you’ll have an overdraft. If you don’t set an amount then you don’t have an overdraft so it is zero. This is why you’re seeing the eligibility offer.