Overdraft of zero

Good afternoon all, Brand new account holder here.

Is it possible to have a zero overdraft, and to reject any transaction beyond available funds?

Seems like the lowest I can set OD to is £50.

Just turn overdraft off.

Manage overdraft - turn off.

Might as well keep it if you have it as a hard search would have been made on your credit report.

You’ll be told every time you enter it by notification.


As @Carlo1460 mentions, you can choose not to have an overdraft at all if you’d prefer.

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Yes, but it will not be able to reject all transactions. Here’s more info:


99.9% will reject, it’s only delayed presentments that’ll take you over in the real world.


so I don’t know how many folks here are familiar with the onboarding flow these days for new customers but it’s not great. Especially the overdrafts section. Monzo make it look like there is no option but to have an overdraft, whether you want it or not. It’s the same with Premium too.

There should be a tiny cancel button in the top left. That stops you applying for an an overdraft (contrast is poor because it’s blue text on a blue background but it’s definitely there!).

On the actual screen itself there’s not option to actually say no to an overdraft or reduce it all the way to zero. If you don’t see and tap the cancel button, it’ll apply for an overdraft for you, and you’ll have to take the credit hit and turn it off later.

I’ve been meaning to at some point go through it all step by step and and offer some in depth feedback, but I’ll need to ask my friend for the screenshots again because it was over a month ago now now. It’s not remotely as good as it used to be when built for Mars went through it.


Feel a right Numpty here. Can see it there now.

Appreciated. Thanks.


Don’t, it’s not your fault!

Neither my friend nor myself could see it when he was joining either. Took us both a good several minutes on that screen before he noticed it! We had the same reaction as you at the time when he finally did. It’s something Monzo could improve.

Also, welcome to the community! :slight_smile: