Overdraft denied

So, I went to try and apply for an overdraft now that I’ve started the CASS process and got this message:

"Sorry, we can’t offer you an overdraft

It looks like our credit bureau couldn’t find your record. We’re looking into this and hope to have it fixed in the near future."

I’m wondering if this is because I have “Second Floor Flat” in front of my normal address, which rarely comes up as an option when I am signing up for services etc Could it be that it is trying to link it to just the main address?

Really frustrating as I do prefer to have a small overdraft to fall back on.

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Can you get your credit report from noddle? They use call credit so if noddle cant find you then that could be the problem


I can have a look and see. Starting to fill it out, and already they don’t have the “Second Floor Flat” option listed when I search for address using my postcode. So I suspect this may be the issue.

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Ok, I have signed up and it seems to have found me and be working… so not sure what the issue is.

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Give them a shout in app and see if they can figure it out for you


I’ve had the exact same error since overdrafts were first offered. I click every week or two to see if it’s resolved itself, but nothing. I use Noddle and I’m on there correctly. I’m not in a hurry for an overdraft to be honest, but I’ll keep an eye on this thread to see if it’s a problem with my address or something else!

Thinking about it, Monzo shows my address with ‘Basement’ as the first line, but it’s not like that anywhere else, so that could be it.


I’m the same. I’m fine with not being able to get one if I’m too low a score, but to say they can’t find me when they can - I am on Noddle and my Monzo is too - is frustrating.

I have reported this on numerous occasions too.

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Do you have “Basement” or something like that as the first line of your address?


Harry Potter is still livid he can’t get his overdraft!


It would be great to get an update on the “near future” fix. It feels like this has been forgotten.

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Might be worth just dropping Monzo and/or the credit agencies an email explaining things and see if they can either setup a ‘linked address’ or ensure that all the appropriate records have the same address (I would actually do the latter and try and ensure the first line of your address and postcode matches what Royal Mail offer/have on record at https://www.royalmail.com/find-a-postcode as their database is probably used as the basis for everyone else’s address verification systems)

I just realised if I go in to edit my address and put in my postcode I have an option to have it without ‘Basement’. I don’t know where that’s come from, it’s not in the official Royal Mail database or anywhere else I’ve seen. Anyway, I’ve changed it so I’ll see if the Overdraft message sorts itself out over time.

I’ve been talking to Monzo via the app and they are currently looking into it. They said they may need to do a soft check on my credit as part of the process.

I’ve left “Second Floor Flat” in for now, because I feel that it should be able to work with that for other people down the line that specify it.

For anyone who was unable to get an overdraft because their credit record couldn’t be found, try it again! They’ve quietly added a feature that lets you enter your address history to get a match, and it worked for me instantly.


That is really good to know!