I was overcharged for a transaction made on 4th of July and I still didn’t got my money back.What shall I do?

What did the retailer say when you contacted them?

That the money are retained by Monzo, they charged me once and Monzo kept dlthe money when I placed the order and the merchant got his money when the order was delivered.

Are there two transactions from them in your feed?

Scroll to the bottom of them both, does one say pending?

If that’s the way it happened then you weren’t overcharged and the money hasn’t gone from your account. Put simply, it sounds like the company put the transaction through in a non-standard way meaning that when the transaction was completed they took new money from your your account rather than the money they originally reserved.

If that’s the case, one of the two transactions will show as ‘Pending’ in your feed. That will eventually time-out (8 or 30 days) and the money will be unlocked and available again. By the rules of the MasterCard scheme (I think) the bank needs to keep it reserved for that time in case the merchant comes back to complete the transaction.

The merchant needs to manage its payment better to avoid this in future.


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