Our upcoming Brand Campaign! [Scavenger hunt live 👀 🎁]


Joined :+1:

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Congrats @PaulUK :tada:


Thank you all so much for your kind congratulation posts. Feeling much forum love atm :smile:

I should obviously also thank the team at Monzo for coming up with a great accompaniment to their latest advertising campaign. Not seen this performed by any of the other banks before (correct me if I am wrong).

I thoroughly loved looking out for “Monzo In The Wild”, both locally and nationally, while on my daily travels.

I should also thank my mother, as, without watching her commercial channels while visiting, I would have missed out on the live TV ads because I do not watch live TV very much, mainly on-demand stuff.

When I opened a Monzo account in 2017, purely to try the pre-paid card on my holiday in the Maldives, I never imagined that it would later be my current account for my income, and have a forum that would hold my interest into 2024, and result in me receiving Monzo merch as a result. (Nope, not forgotten that lush popcorn as part of this promotion either :grin: , which I discovered is sold in my local theatre :+1: )

I shall proudly share an image of my prize when it arrives.



Ooh, look what’s arrived folks…


Magic Monzo :heart_eyes: in all their glory, and a cute card too.

Thank you very much, Monzo :heart_hands:



Looks like Chip had a pee in the shape of an Apple logo :joy:


Well done @PaulUK and great chip plushie.


Were we due a Greggs x Monzo cross over as part of this? :eyes:

Haven’t scrolled up, but has anyone posted this Instagram ad for Monzo before :thinking:


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I have insta and not seen one ad for Monzo. Maybe the algorithms know I have Monzo. Dunno

I saw a couple of Monzo black cabs outside Manchester Victoria station yesterday. There was a queue for station taxis, though, so went round the corner and got an Uber in less than 2 minutes.


Algorithm on my account clearly doesn’t know I’m a long term Monzo customer then.

That said, I get Octopus Energy ads and I’ve been with them since they took over Avro customers :man_shrugging:

Who knows then, it’s a mystery.

I’ve seen a couple of Monzo taxis on Princes Street in Edinburgh over the past couple of days.


I’ve been waiting to spot this also

I know the hunt is over, but I spotted this on Insta. That’s a big one on Mosley Street! :eyes:


Finally spotted one!


Well, that’s what happens when you panda to your own campaign and go peking the right way :smiley:



And legally, it’s going the right way.

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I saw a bus stop one, I’m pretty sure it was in Manchester but I can’t remember where. Might been the campaign has been expanded.