Our plans to help you pay in cheques, just by taking a picture


Hmmm - even I didn’t know that. I thought it was just a link to the sneak peeks section of the forum.

(Matt ) #164

yep never knew this either, also assumed it was a forum link

(Jack) #165

I beilive in the latest TF they have updated the link for sneak peaks, it mentioned it in the release notes.
I prefer it to the old version. Some nice things being worked on!

(Jack) #166

It’s likely so low as it’s only on the TF version of the app so far. Yet to hit the majority of Monzo users.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #167

That used to be the case :slight_smile:

Seems that only in the last week it’s been a fancy place to watch / see upcoming features :tada:

(Johnny Ellwood) #168

I always skipped that bit because in the last it was just a link to the forum page but now it has its own little house! I like it. Will be checking on that more regularly now.

(Foxy) #169

I revieved my first cheque in years this morning, payed it into my Barclays account using the app to take a photo of it, dead easy and should clear the next working day. About the only reason I have a Barclays account is so I can pay in cash and cheques

(Daniel) #170

I’ve done a similar thing, moved my main account to Monzo, but still have a left over Barclays account to pay in queues which clear in a day

(Brandon Billingham) #171

Regret not having another account for this now. Posted a cheque to Monzo and it’s been lost so now need to have the awkward conversation with the person who sent it and ask them to send it again.

(Michael) #172

That’s not good. Was it lost in transit to Monzo?

(Jack) #173

There has been a delay over the holiday period, they are in the process of going through a huge pile of cheques now.

Just wanted to check it wasn’t just delayed rather than lost.

(Brandon Billingham) #174

Spoke to support, they spoke to cheque team who say they don’t have it. So can only assume it was lost by Royal Mail.


Hopefully they will get the photo system up soon as both a delay and wasted staff time is not good.

Plus the risk of it being lost in the post and a wait time to be processed/time taken to post

(Brandon Billingham) #176

Yes because now when I get a new cheque I’ll need to pay more money to send it recorded delivery to ensure it gets there.

A fee to pay in cash and a fee to send in cheques. The price of going full Monzo.

(Jack) #177

I put “freepost Monzo” on mine with an undeliverable returns address of myself on the back. That can help

(Daniel White) #178

I sent a cheque on the 19th Demcember and one between Christmas and New Year and neither have been acknowledged. Reached out to Support and was told that the backlog won’t be clear until at least 16th January.

Pretty poor really. I could have had this cashed at my legacy banks within a day or two.

(Brandon Billingham) #179

Did the same.

(Brandon Billingham) #180

What I don’t understand is my support chat went from, there is a huge backlog it will take us some time to locate it, to me telling them the value of the cheque and instantly being told they don’t have it.

(Daniel White) #181

I got asked the same, I also thought it was odd, because if they did have it, surely I’d get a notification.

Pretty sure the do have them, but they clearly don’t have enough staff in the ‘cheque department’.

Not entirely sure what’s so special about scanning or posting off a few cheques to their clearing house requires a separate, understaffed team… Surely you could get some of the new COps recruits to do it

(Jack) #182

You’ll only get that once they’ve gone through the pile and marked them as received on all the accounts, I suspect that can take some time depending how many there are.