Our plans to help you pay in cheques, just by taking a picture

(Jack) #143

Great idea! I think they currently send you an in app message. In the long term they have some cool ideas shared above.
I’ve moved your post here to join them. Hope you don’t mind :slightly_smiling_face:

(Rob Gill) #144

Getting married this month and family members already sending us cheques… neeeeeed this feature now more than ever. Whats the odds of it being ready before November :stuck_out_tongue:


I wonder if you can throw an unlimited amount in one envelope, I assume so? Do you have any other banking apps that already have this functionality (Lloyds do, for example).

(Harry) #146

I don’t see why you couldn’t. Would definitely send via tracked delivery though.


What news on this? Almost all the high st banks now have this feature and it feels like Monzo is lagging behind!

(Andy) #148

It’s true to say Monzo should have been ahead of the curve on this one and not the playing catch up to legacy banks. That been said, I maybe have one cheque a year so it’s not something I am lacking as I still have all my legacy high street banks open.

(Is Santa here yet?) #149

It’s a sneak peek in the latest android test flight

(Dan) #150

Ditto in iOS

(Is Santa here yet?) #151

On the test flight build? All I’m seeing on the App Store version is bill splitting

(Jai Sullivan) #152

Yeap, ‘Sneak Peaks’ on the TestFlight build has been redesigned slightly, and Cheques is under the ‘Coming Soon’ section.

(Excited about Christmas) #153

Can’t see it on Android beta

(Andy) #154

Can’t see it on iOS production either. My screen also doesn’t look like @jaisullivan does


Strange, I’ve got it on Android beta:

Accessed through Community Sneak Peaks in Help:

A few thoughts:

  • 45 people watching this feature out of >1m users is shockingly low.
  • no left /right swipe for tabs
  • changing tab gives you a “sign up for more” notice at the bottom. It gets annoying quickly as you have to dismiss it before you can do anything with the screen
  • I kept tapping the eye rather than ‘watch this feature’. That didn’t work
  • it looks visually beautiful - but so slow - tapping on an entry gives me a spinning wheel for a few seconds
  • finally, some of it seems broken. Here’s what happens if I tap on ‘more reliable transfers to or from Europe’:


Well, only 20 people want reliable bank transfers to/from Europe, so at least it’s above that!


I can’t imagine many ‘normal’ users will go hunting for it and the watch the features. It also appears to be either rolling out to a few users at a time or just on the beta builds currently.


Well I never knew it was there till today, and I’m fairly normal.

I’m still keeping my HSBC account open till one of my other accounts adds this feature.

(Nathan) #159

Yeah i wouldnt go by those numbers.

Monzo have said themselves they plan to work on a better way of doing it than trello, honestly think a way of voting for new features needs to implemented to gauge interest before spending costly dev time on developing something


That’s the point I’m making. A huge majority of Monzo users won’t know that there is a sneak peeks section of the app showing what’s in the works.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #161

And many of those wouldn’t care.


Monzo should pay their staff with a cheque for a few months so they can experience what a cheque is and what to do with it.