Our plans to help you pay in cheques, just by taking a picture

(Jack) #103

I think he’s on leave, I’ll try and find an answer for you

(Jack) #104

so what I found out is… normally this shouldn’t be an issue but with them in the process of currently moving office this month things may be a little different.
My suggestion would be why not call in at their new office at 38 Finsbury Square and see. No harm if you’re in the area.

(Punit Mannari) #105

I would love to see what monzo office looks like from the inside


There’s the open office events. And if not those, there’s this:

(Doesn’t seem that long ago that they were moving into City Road!)

Edit: expand the embedded post for a cool video…

(Punit Mannari) #107

Damm, that’s big…I can imagine the rent itself being around 12k a month…

(Mark Edmonds) #108

Will give it a go. Many thanks for checking @Jackcrwhitney

(Mark Edmonds) #109

Went there a few times when it was Bloomberg. That place was impressive.
Also had the biggest fish tank and biggest private collection of fish in Europe.
Wonder if the tank is still there…


I think I heard the tanks are but the fish aren’t… @HughWells can you confirm or deny fish related rumours? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :fish:

(Mark Edmonds) #111

It was a private collection owned by Bloomberg, so I’d be very confident they took them to their new office, or released them in the Thames!

(3 Round Investor) #112

Off to Barclay’s to pay in a cheque for my partner expenses from her employer hand written cheque how out of date _ wonder if I can get in and out before the try to sell me something my local branch sucks so going elsewhere today

(Hugh Wells) #113

The tanks were here, but some minor alterations have removed them sadly :frowning:

(Jack) #114

I guess having massive empty fish tanks would be a bit pointless :smile:


could have filled them with crocs or have a more Bond-esque shark tank


It could also be filled with snakes but I would worry about the wellbeing of City pigeons if the unthinkable happened :joy::joy::joy:

(David I) #117

This is a really funny feature for me. I have personally not written a cheque in over 5 years but I have been sent them. Ironically the last one I received was for £0.01 from a bank who owed me interest on a closed account. I have therefore little need to pay in cheques but I also know my employer (who will remain nameless) has to pay customers by cheque. Legilation requires us to pay funds in tracable ways above a certain value so we cannot send envelopes full of cash and we do not (yet) have the facility for customers to provide details for BACS transfers.

Really good to see Monzo is investing in the fastest and simplest option; taking a picture and I look forward to seeing the app update Soon :tm:


(Liam) #118

I’ve been helping to run a student society for the past few years, and a condition of getting support from the University is making payments via cheques whenever possible. :roll_eyes:

So many cheques for < £10 when we could’ve just paid cash.

(Andre Borie) #119

we do not (yet) have the facility for customers to provide details for BACS transfers.

This is relatively easy, could even be done with a Google Form to be honest.

(David I) #120

If only the problem was gathering details from the customers. Legacy systems, complex and a nightmare. Nothing like Monzo!

(Sheryne Shillingford-Reed) #121

How is this coming along? I’m about to close my Halifax account and the one feature I am going to seriously miss is being able to pay cheques in with a picture!


I think the last we heard was that we wouldn’t have this before early 2019, I’m afraid. :frowning: