Our plans to help you pay in cheques, just by taking a picture

I’ve always just used copy & paste 🤷

Completely agree with you in all other aspects though.

Yh me too, but you’d have to copy and paste twice, or copy the whole account details section and then delete a lot which for some people is finicky on a single line input field.

Whilst I agree it’s not the end of the world, their new functionality is certainly an improvement

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Yep, that’s frustrating, but something I only ever need to do once. Happens with Monzo too, and is something I would like to see them eventually intelligently parse and apply to the correct boxes (parcels app does this, and it’s such a nice flow). For now I paste it all into a single box (usually the account number box), then cut the sort code and paste into the sort code box.


Cheque imaging is a bit chicken and egg though.

Have I ever paid a cheque in to Monzo? No.
Would I have if I could scan it? Yes.

Monzo see me as a customer that doesn’t use cheques, but that’s because I think to use them for a cheque is more hassle.

But I’ve still got a high street bank for things like this.

Cheques are declining year on year and I would imagine, Monzos demographic aren’t the sort (businesses aside) that are using cheques a lot.

It’s like FitBit Pay. Would it help some people? Yes of course. Is it worth the time and resource to implement it? Probably not.

I would like Monzo to reveal some data on it though. xx% of customers have never paid in a cheque. Of those that have, xx% have used it once etc etc.


Completely agree with you. The only time I need this functionality is when a company is insistent they can only refund you via check. My grandparents also used to just send checks for birthdays, but as of last year, have moved to bank transfers at long last!

When I had Monzo as my primary bank account, I sent them a total of 3 checks over that 9 month-ish period. In the past year I’ve only needed to deposit a single check.

We’re currently playing wait and see on our Christmas vacation, but if we decide to cancel, that refund will come via check. Value will be too high for imagining so will have to send it off anyway, but it will be the only check I’ll receive this year.

I didn’t realise there was a limit on imaging.

What if a cheque for thousands disappears in the post? It’s rare, but it does happen.

Cheques can be cancelled and reissued but it’s a relatively slow, manual, frustrating process.

Not sure if it’s the case with every bank, but Barclays has a limit on the value of a check up to £1000 (recently upped from £500). Starling’s limit is £500.

Higher value you would have to take into a branch or mail off via recorded delivery. I presume if it goes missing in the post another could just be issued.

No it isn’t inappropriate. I was just trying to make a lighthearted way of disagreeing with your very valid opinion. No worries.

You might need these things, I don’t.

I also don’t want “classic legacy bank things”. I want the mould to be broken and the whole banking “norm” to be re-evaluated and done better using modern technology.


Applies to just about every company, not Monzo specific.

Help us build the kind of bank two thirds of people want to use doesn’t work quite as well.


We’re going down the route where someone is going to quote the “make money work for everyone” line soon :see_no_evil: :laughing:


If Monzo offer the best credit card rate, the best mortgage etc then sure, I’ll have it. But otherwise, I’m not going to get a Monzo credit card that costs me money for the sake of it.


I already did, you must have missed it along with the actual point I was making. :see_no_evil: :laughing:

Sure I may have fallen for marketing speak but why shouldn’t customers hold companies accountable to their marketing speak?
If I got that Big Mac on the right you can be sure I’d be making my thoughts known. I also wouldn’t expect another customer in McDonalds to be defending the state of it or suggesting I go to KFC instead.

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You should though. KFC is far better :wink:

I watched a video on how they produce shots like that. They airbrush sponges, use shaving foam for cream and all sorts of other things - basically very little of what the actual product contains. I’m shocked that it is allowed to be honest.

Agreed :chicken:

There’s very strict rules on what they can and can’t do.

The burger on the left will be edible with nothing extra. They just pick the best looking food, arrange it perfectly, don’t cook it the normal way so it sits right, melt the cheese with a blow torch etc.

They can’t just photoshop it to look good :rofl:

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That’s cool so basically it’s because the box makes it sweat so it condenses and in that shot they pull all the ingredients to the front.

I can’t find the exact video I was referring to but this one is similar:

I don’t know why it changes to cooking tips/shortcuts part way through :sweat_smile:

we’re so far off topic now… :rofl:


Yeah and I guess someone is making 100 of them an hour, so they just get thrown together :rofl:

I’ve seen the ones where they use car oil on pancakes and cardboard between them etc to make them sit better

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