Our plans to help you pay in cheques, just by taking a picture

It’s 2020 and still no cheque imaging service, how long before Monzo offers it?

Probably never.

Very long.

At this point, sign up for an Alternative bank that offers it and you’ll get the added benefit of paying in at the post office

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I mean if you need to pay in cash and cheques that often, Monzo’s probably not for you.


These statements pop up quite a bit on here which seems like a rather odd approach to me. Sure it’s the quick fix that will sort whatever the issue is quickly but it’s not an ideal solution, particularly when you consider monzo’s long term goal… making money work for everyone.

On their website they state “Help us build the kind of bank you want to use

Telling customers (who are suggesting improvements to help make that happen) that Monzo isn’t for them or that they should bank elsewhere just seems counter productive in the long run.

Sure the more niche requests will take time and money to implement so leave that up to Monzo to prioritise, but with Monzo’s goal and ambitious plan we as customers shouldn’t be saying no on Monzo’s behalf.


I’ll bet more people want cheque imaging than want to initiate a bank transfer from another bank within Monzo.

Or is it a case of the people don’t know what they really want until they are shown it?


I’d say you’re right but perhaps that’s because people have never even considered that initiating a bank transfer from another bank’s app to be a possibility? :man_shrugging:t2:

As for which feature would be most useful that’s up for debate, but I’d wager that the easy bank transfer will be the one that’s of the most use and impressive to new customers during the sign up process and as they say, first impressions count.

Who knows though, I’m happy to leave the prioritising of features to Monzo themselves.


I’m not trying to discourage customers, I don’t ever get cheques anymore apart from the really odd occasion - so I’m happy to send it via mail and wait a week - I live about half a mile away from the post office, so can walk there, but 3 miles away from a ‘PayPoint’ so on the rare occasion I need cash or to deposit cash i’d much rather walk to the post office (I can’t drive due to a life long disability) and I am not walking 3 miles to be charged £1 to pay in my own money when a legacy bank (or Starling in my case) will let me pay in at the post office, and they eat the cost, not me.

Obviously it’s profitable for them otherwise the service would not be offered.


It’s been a feature of Revolut for a while. Having tested Monzo’s, they’re both identical, Revolut maybe being a smidge faster, but neither are as efficient as just manually transferring to myself. The switching back and forth between the apps slows things down quite a bit. If that could ever be bypassed then I could see the utility of it.

The utility cheque imaging would provide is undeniable, even if the users who need it may be dwindling, but faster transfers is solving an issue was never really an issue, at least not to me. I tend to agree and believe in the notion that people don’t know what they want until you give it to them, but I get the impression that this was more of a hobby project to demonstrate what open banking can be capable of.


Couldn’t agree more, creating an issue, then offering a solution no one really asked for

What we NEED as customer is Credit Cards, Mortgages. the classic legacy bank things

Granted Monzo has only been around for 4-5 years in this game and none of the other Fintech’s offer these either.


Of course cheque imaging would be nice but if it’s a priority for you right now, then Monzo’s probably not the bank for you as it’s not their priority at the moment.

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Our No plans to help you pay in cheques, just by taking a picture


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Yep it’s an odd one is the taansfer from other bank facility, if & when I need to transfer money then I’d go to the account I need to do it from, usually I’d be in there anyway checking balances, savings etc so it’s quicker and easier to hit transfer in that app.

Cheque imaging makes a hell of a lot of sense now that business accounts are available, there’s still a lot of people paying for services that way.

I mean for me it doesn’t matter as I’ll just use a different back to scan the odd cheque I get

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I never suggested that it hasn’t been seen before, just that some people may have never seen it before.

You’re right and I’m not denying it, but…

It’s an issue for every new customer to Monzo, they start with an empty account and need to get money in, typically from another bank account where Monzo hasn’t been set up as a payee.

That’s what you need. Different needs for different customers, their needs are just as valid as yours. For the record I want these things too.


Yeah this is the biggest use case. It’s also a first feature of Monzo’s own Open Banking integration (?), which is exciting.

I’d love Cheque imaging, don’t get me wrong, I’d probably only use it once in a year though so the current way of paying cheques has been fine. And yeah, I imagine the priority has been bumped up with buisness accounts now - however, Monzo might not be targeting the types of buisness that handle loads of cheques. …which doesn’t mean it will never happen - it’s just a lower priority.


Emphasis mine.

Now imagine being able to check on that from within Monzo and then initiating the transfer. Easy transfer is a first go at proper open banking, I’m sure that what’s on offer will develop and become more useful to all over time but it has to start somewhere.


Monzo solved this issue years ago, then stopped using it. The solution did have a cost to them, admittedly but the flow was very quick and seamless, and you stayed in the Monzo app. I’m talking about top ups with Apple Pay and debit card. Other fintechs still offer that as an option.

Monzo’s new solution doesn’t really help the new user any more than just doing a regular bank transfer. It mimics the same flow as sending the money to yourself manually, only it’s initiated from inside Monzo. It may be a bit faster for setting your Monzo account up as a payee, but not much, and after that the difference will be negligible.

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Disagree on that, it removes the most error prone part which is inputting account number and sort code, especially as when it’s a new account people wouldn’t of memorised that yet which means going backwards and forwards 1-3 times to make sure they input it correctly. It’s an incredibly simply way to initially add money to your monzo account with no risk and no cost to anybody. It’s a great solution.

Everybody seems to be focussed on this exact feature for open banking when realistically it’s more of a test. They have developed their own open banking platform, which means they don’t need to rely on any other 3rd party like true layer anymore. The add money feature was just a test of this new platform and what looks like a very successful one at that. The open banking team have been vocal in the other thread that this is just the start, there is more features coming and I would expect them thick and fast.

Personally I expect Connected Cards to be overhauled and officially released alongside connected accounts complete with up to date balances and transaction feeds fairly soon. I might be too optimistic yh, but it’s important to understand the potential and the fact that the first feature they have released is a test of technology

Also back on topic, i’ve voiced it before, but i absolutely think Monzo should have cheque imaging, i love Monzo but find their stance on this laughable