Our all-new Savings Pot is here 🎉

We’re working on making it possible for you to transfer your ISA savings into your Instant Access Cash ISA - we’ll share an update when this is ready.

By this do you mean if we have a Easy Access Cash ISA with Investec via Monzo, it can be transfered to Monzos own Instant Access Cash ISA?

Would have thought it means transferring in any cash ISA from any other provider. But we’ll see I guess

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I hope it also includes moving from their partner ones too. Their rates are significantly less and otherwise you’d have to transfer out, then transfer back in to get the better rate provided by Monzo.

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You can choose to see your all time interest or monthly total interest across all savings pots but it used to allow to choose one for default but now it always reverts back to all time. Be nice if the option for default was allowed again.


I’m not too sure what use the all time figure is, defaulting to monthly seems to make much more sense to me

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The all time figure is the interest you’ve earned since your savings pots were first opened. I prefer to see the monthly figure.

And better than all time (or an extra) would be interest earned in this tax year which has been asked for before. But defaulting to monthly.

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Yes that would be helpful too, especially if you were close to reaching the savings limits.

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Yeah, I don’t know what anybody would use that for

And even better still would be if it separated ISA interest (ISAs held with Monzo) from the tax year figure :grinning:


@bukisule @andys @delabere :wave: hey folks hope you’re all keeping well.

How’s the testing of having multiple instant access savings pots going?

Is it still being tested? Has that finished? Is the feature looking promising? Has it been dropped?

I love having an IASP, but it would be great to have more.

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A feature that would be really useful would be the functionality of sub-dividing savings within the ‘Savings Pot’ and within Monzo’s own ISA.

As well as my Monzo cash ISA I have a ZOPA Cash ISA where I can create separate pots/allocations/baskets/cubes or whatever one wishes to call them.

This is a superb budgeting and savings tool.

Of course there will be some costs incurred behind the scenes in building this functionality in to the app but the overall amount of funds receiving interest wouldn’t change - it’s just divided up under several ‘headings’ instead of one.

If Monzo were able to replicate this kind of functionality, more of my spare cash for my ISA would find its way to Monzo rather than elsewhere.

I’m sure it would be another positive marketing opportunity to attract new customers and new funds.

Any chance please?