Our 2022 Annual Report

I doubt there is any obligation for private companies to produce reports for crowdfunding investors. I’ve made crowdfunding investments in several companies who don’t publish either public reports or private reports to crowdfunding investors. I think Monzo is probably doing more than most.

That’s not my experience.

As an investor in multiple crowdfunding companies, they almost all engage with investors - at least once a year, if not more frequently, on things like business developments/strategy, products etc.

Monzo used to have ‘The Loop’ to keep investors ‘informed’ but I haven’t even seen that since August 2020…

Monzo is doing less than most (nothing?) would be more accurate imho.


Whether we like it or not, I think we need to accept that Monzo used crowdfunding as a marketing thing, and that anything we get is a reluctant obligation rather than anything else.

It’s a shame, because it’s really not much effort to drop a courteous email to crowdfunders the day the annual report is released. It’s a bit more effort (but not too much so) to summarise it and have a brief personal note drafted for, and signed by, the CEO.

It goes back to the drum I’m currently banging: in my opinion, the differentiator between good and excellent companies is going that bit further. There’s nothing wrong with what Monzo is doing, it’s not breaking any rules but it doesn’t spark joy. Instead, it takes a large part of the original community for granted, when the solution is relatively cheap and low effort, but would result in high impact.


The annual report is linked at the top of the thread. It contains all of the information in the companies house report along more detail. There’s no need to read the companies house report if you’ve read the annual report already which is why they don’t really advertise it.

They should probably email investors to say that the report is out, if they don’t do that already, but anyway it’s easy to find.

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Thank you. Surely some engagement is part of the original deal? Or is that just naive, and I should just get used to being taken for for granted, as a mug small punter?

At least you’re not being overly dramatic about it.


I disagree. This thread was not at all easy to find, and generally this board is horrible to navigate.

It may be easy to find if you are a regular user, but not as a sporadic user. I don’t spend every waking hour on these boards…


Likewise with you not being over sarcastic.

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It’s not just on this thread, it’s also on the website. Googling 2022 Monzo annual report will take you right there. They tweeted it too, anyone following them on Twitter would have been notified.

I do get that directly notifying crowdfunding investors would have been nice but ‘hard to find’ is a bit of a stretch


Indeed, the Community link isn’t even on the website anymore, which saddens me. It’s this entire place that (at least for me) made Monzo different in the first place. And I obviously wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now without it.

Not sure there was ever any justification given for that decision, either.


There is an investor information page on the website and the report is front centre. Not an email/ notification but the latest info is there anytime you need it.


There’s a fault in your logic there. Why would I Google it if I didn’t know it was due or even existed? Is there an accessible report season timetable anywhere?

I’m on Twitter every day, and follow, yet I don’t recall seeing anything on there, although I don’t profess to see every post on my timeline. Which is why I have set up a Companies House reminder.

Meanwhile, Monzo, just feel free to do whatever you want with my £2000 investment and bank balance. Which reminds me, I’m also a customer, but that seems to count for nothing also.

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Your investment hasn’t gone anywhere. This isn’t “Reply right now or your shares have gone”

You’ve set up a reminder to get the info and you’ve got it? I’m not sure if you can subscribe to just Alan’s post, or key words on twitter, they’d have got you it sooner.


I think the annual report comes out once a year :smile:. It’s about the same time each year give or take a few weeks.

Well; you make it sound like you have no agency. You decided to give them that, presumably hoping it would one day turn a profit for you, which it looks very likely to.

Yes an email or two would be nice but the main thing they can do for investors is to grow and increase the return on investment, which if you read the report they seem to be doing very well.

You ll likely do well with these shares so I wouldn’t feel too bad over it.