Our 2017 To-Do List

This year has gone so quickly, but we’ve packed in quite a lot: we got our full banking licence, built a fully functioning current account, and brought Monzo to almost half a million people.

But there’s plenty still to do! As the end of the year approaches, we wanted to share what we’ll be working on in the last few weeks of 2017.


Looks like a busy couple of weeks ahead, and great to see the plans for the rest of the year. Thanks @tristan :+1:

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I’m a bit confused by this line from the Investor Debit cards section;

We’ve also decided to make these cards available to people who invested in our first crowdfunding round, so no one misses out :slightly_smiling_face:

This sounds like it was under consideration not to give it to first crowdfunding round investors. Surely it doesn’t matter which round you invested in, you’re still an investor, right?


It was a perk for the second round.


Nice work on this, and love the transparency!

Pots is working really well, and the rollout seems to be growing smoothly.

The only issue I (still) have is that some transactions don’t show up under the same retailer anymore. ie, before the merge a payment to retailer A is not included in the totals for retailer A with the ones after… but that’s all.

Nearly at Christmas, and I feel it’s been a huge year for Monzo! Good work all.


Yes, ths is correct. It was never promised to first round investors, and was to second round as a perk.

Seems they’ve had a think, and want to offer it to all investors.

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Doesn’t quite make sense to me. Why would you give some of your investors cards that read ‘Investor’ but not others? Particularly those that invested in you earlier.

Anyway, glad to hear Monzo have made the right decision on it but it strikes me as odd.

For original investors, the perk was actually only one Investor card — if you lost that or replaced it, you’d then get a normal one. We’re now making it so you’ll always get an Investor card :slight_smile: And backporting that to all Investors!


Ahh gotcha, that makes sense. Thanks!

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What. a. bloody. year! Fair play :tada:

16/19 expiry on investors card graphic :thinking::grinning:

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Fabulous update, loving the newly accelerated roll out pace after what seemed like a slow few months. I’m currently holding on to my (very faded) prepaid card as I was waiting for the current account switching service before making the move. Soooo many direct debits and standing orders to move.

A second consideration now is whether I should hold off for an Investor card. Presumably these will have new card numbers, would be painful to switch cards twice in a short space of time.

@tristan Will these be the coral core cards and will we have to do anything to get them?

What will be great to see is a timeline that includes the ability to choose the start (and end) date for Targets and improved Categories functionality i.e. bespoke categories.


Awesome work all, any news on the Current Account Switching Service going live?


Cheers for the update @tristan.

Great work from everyone at Monzo for your busy year too - thank you!

I’ve been surprised how much more interested I’ve become in finance / finance tech in the last year: it’s largely due to Monzo! I’m looking forward to seeing where you take this in 2018 +


If we’re already receiving a new card for the current account, assume investors will not be prohibited from receiving the investors card at a slightly later date? Will these have the same long card number to avoid inconvenience?

Also Current Account switching service - I’m unlikely to move over fully if I have to manually uproot every standing order and direct debit unfortunately - is this on the cards any time soon?

Nope, definitely allowed! But it will have a different number :slight_smile:

You can open your account and use the switching service when it’s ready with no problems. Just in case you didn’t know.


I’m with you on that one! I’m also waiting for CASS before moving over fully…

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