Other Bank accounts with Instant notifications?

After being here since Beta, I’m moving away from Monzo.

Is there any options that offer Instant notifications AND FSCS protection? Apart from Starling? (They don’t like it if you closed an account previously!)

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Not really.

Amex has fairly good notifications but that’s obviously not a bank.

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only Monzo and starling offers FSCS protection with instant notifications


It’s quite remarkable that other banks haven’t caught up with notifications yet…

Monzo or Starling are the only fully fledged banks that offer instant notifications, sadly the high street banks have yet to catch up.

I think Lloyds / Halifax / Bank of Scotland are close, it may already be on Android but I use iOS and it isn’t. They show map of location on most purchases, pending transactions, upcoming direct debits etc.

NatWest and RBS are very close to launching categorised spending in app.

N26 has notifications, but isn’t FSCS protected - they’re passporting a German banking licence so the protecting is through the German legal scheme instead. In theory it should be the equivalent of FSCS, but in practice it has yet to be tested.

How about being beta Bó?

FSCS and instant notifications. It’s NatWest (with added Starling behind the scenes).

Won’t be very long, it’s about the only thing left to do. Most have it the works or in testing as mentioned. The scale is significantly different for these banks as well were not talking just a few million people.

Dozens also offer instant notifications - they operate like Monzo used too before they launched current accounts.

However, Dozens will be launching direct debits and standing orders soon with their accounts.

Dozens are not FSCS protected.

Has FSCS yet to be tested?