OSU payment app / Monzo payment request idea

Have any of you heard or seen the OSU app?

I really think if Monzo could implement something like this as an addition to their payment link it would work great!

  1. You add a phone number for a payee and what they are due to pay
  2. They are sent a text asking for payment with a link to pay
  3. If they don’t pay within 24 hours, they get a reminder text (the timings can be changed)
  4. When they payee clicks the link, they are asked what bank they use. I chose Monzo (obviously) on an OSU webpage and shown details of what’s been requested
  5. OSU then opens your banking app on your phone and pre-populates payee details with the requesters, the amount and reference number. All you need to do is press pay

I’ll add some screen shots for the journey shortly! OSU is free to use until the end of 2020, so if you fancy trying it out here is my referral link!

https://osu.app.link/U8Z9R4KVo9. Use the code ZPTZAU on signup, after you get paid for the first time we will send you a 5GBP gift.