Option to upgrade to Blue Card - Monzo Plus

For Monzo Plus customers, can the blue card become optional and the coral card be default. I want to upgrade to Monzo Plus but don’t wish to lose my pink card after its expiry date. Can Monzo add an option to either “toggle on” “Blue card Mode” in the app or when your card is due to expire to receive a notification in the app as to which card you’d like to receive. I’m proud to be a Monzo customer and like the swag that comes along with the pink card.

It is already optional to keep your coral card when you upgrade to Plus.

Thank you for replying, what happens when your card expires? Surely if you are a Plus customer, a blue card will be sent out?

I think it gives you the option there too.

If not, in 4 years’ time, ask support.

Hopefully thats the case. Seems like a bit of a faff to contact support for this when it can be an option that is toggled on in the app.

There should be no more toggles!