Operation Live

Has anyone been watching the Operation Live shows on channel 5?

Just watching the knee reconstruction (after the open heart surgery yesterday) - It’s not usually my thing but I can’t turn it off!

Fascinating to watch, and really shows off the skills of the surgeons and the whole team!


I caught the heart one half way through so I’ll get that on catch up and watched the knee one last night.

Tonight is the last one and will defo watch that, it’s amazing to watch

Couldn’t believe the guy was awake during the knee one last night.

I think I’d want elephant tranquilliser!

They would have proper numbed him up and as it was from the spine down he wouldn’t have felt it but saying that I reckon it’s gonna be a killer this morning.

Updates tonight on the last two.

Heart, Knee… Do you know what parts they are operating on tonight?

I have it on good authority that it’s…

Right Hemi-Colectomy

I think this one will be boring, just going in and removing the stuff and that’s it.

They defo should do more of these shows for everything like transplants, hip replacements and general day to day surgery.

Any form of eye surgery freaks me out.

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