Open Banking Feed - Useless for Quickbooks!

Declined transactions show in the Monzo Open Banking feed.

This makes Monzo useless when trying to use it with any accounting SaaS such as Quickbooks

Would it not make sense to filter these declined transactions from the bank feed?

You can clear declined transactions from the feed by clicking the 3 dot menu and selecting clear. They are notifications rather than transactions.

I wonder if this is due to the way Quickbooks interprets the feed? Xero doesn’t show these.

This hides them in the Monzo app but they still appear as a full transaction in Quickbooks

I thought this but Quickbooks are adamant that declined transactions are provided my Monzo along side transactions

Makes sense as I’m not sure why declined transactions would be there in the first place.

Can Monzo please fix this??

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that’s unusual to say the least! hope you get some traction with resolving this…

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Cheers for the reply, I’m really hoping myself as it would be a shame to leave Monzo for such an easily fixed bug