🏦 Open Banking at Monzo - Ask Me Anything!

Is there a plan to allow customers to add other cards into the monzo app?
Personally I would 100% use this, Monzo’s app is so much nicer than my other banks’ apps.

Hi @kieranmch! Can you clarify when banks are meant to have complied with the new regs, and when we can therefore expect to see more credit card providers through TrueLayer? Thanks!

To derail slightly(!), this is the post that Monzo will use to confirm the masses of positive feedback for the new app layout :grin:

Hi Kieran
Can you help me clarify please what it is you have live, or point me in the direction of it?
Is it just your very extensive API that can be accessed, or have you also developed an alternative version aligned to the Open Banking Standard too?
I’m attempting to clarify this for our team so we know what’s available but would appreciate the clarity.
Many thanks,

I’ve found this doesn’t work seamlessly app to app to app for Nationwide visa credit card - it goes in a loop involving a browser - unlike Emma Technology where it does work!

I’ve connected Monzo to NatWest app to see what it’s like and it’s stopped updating. Dunno if it’s NatWest or Monzo side. I also can’t see anyway if disconnecting.

Monzo just showed up on my Natwest app, when I tried adding it the flow broke when Monzo tried to redirect me back to Natwest app with this message:

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I’ve just tried this and it worked OK for me. Had to restart the Natwest app before the accounts were visible.

Natwest worked fine for me as well, loved the flow and app approval for the authentication!

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Thanks! We worked hard on it.


Hi, I use Xero to manage my personal finances but the integration with Monzo is only available for a Monzo business account - can I use open banking to dynamically bring my data from my MOnzo account into Xero and how?

Out of interest, how do you manage your personal finances in Xero? It’s entirely aimed at the business market - what sort of actions do you perform?

I am an accountant so I manage my personal finances the same way I would a business. Track against budget and keep a consolidated view of all my assets and investments here.