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Hey all,
I was wondering if there is a limit for online storage with Monzo?

I take pictures of all my receipts for each purchase I make and was just wondering if I will soon reach a limit.

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I’d assume they aren’t stored on monzo servers and just locally but either way, the images aren’t going to be massive so would take up so little space

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@JBirdV1 Hey! There’s no hard storage limit. It’s highly unlikely you would ever reach the limit for storage in the app, considering the type of files files you’re saving.


@Naji Thanks for the reply. Just out of curiosity, what is the limit for storage in the app?

@JBirdV1 No worries! As I said, there isn’t a hard limit for storage in the app :slightly_smiling_face:


I think this might be open to abuse if there is no limit as people could use as free photo storage, maybe a file limit should be put in place?

Of course! The storage can support what would be regarded as regular but reasonable use of the photo storage facility. Any more than this, a user may run into issues but when haven’t had reports from anyone who has encountered this yet.

Just remember, as much as there is no hard limit, nobody ever said it was unlimited! :wink:

This message brought to you by the person who has put 100TB+ in “unlimited” storage providers and been burned by it multiple times.

Quick, base64 an entire ext4 filesystem, store in the iTXt PNG metadata region and attach it to a Monzo transaction! Unlimited storage of any file type, nobody will notice! :laughing:

Apologies if this has already been answered, I did search but couldn’t find an answer.

I have recently started adding photos of receipts to transactions and I was wondering how the photo is stored. Is it taking up extra space on my phone / Monzo app or is it stored on Monzo’s servers and downloaded every time it is required?

Given that photos tend to be quite large is there a limit to the number of the photos per transaction / total photos?

This has been asked before so I’ve moved your post here but that’s no problem :smile:

You’ll have to infer this from Naji’s answer but since he’s mentioned that there could be a storage limit (even though no one’s ever hit it), it looks like the files are stored on Monzo’s servers. I’m sure another user will have checked their phone’s file storage already & be able to confirm this..

You’ll also notice that if you delete the app (& it’s data) from your phone, you don’t lose your receipts.

There’s no set limit :sweat_smile:

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