Online services in transaction timeline not displaying correctly

Recently I’ve noticed a difference in the way payments for some online transactions appear in the transaction log. It seems like Monzo is trying to tie these payments to a real-world address from Google Maps, which may not necessarily either exist or be accurate.

For example, my Xbox Live subscription recently renewed. Instead of appearing as a payment to ‘Xbox Live’ with the Xbox logo, Monzo displays it as a payment to “Microsoft Campus Building 3” in Reading.

Similarly, I bought a new game on Steam the other day, and instead of appearing as just “Steam” in the log, it now shows as a payment to “Valve GMbH” for an office address in Hamburg.

In the ‘Improve name or logo’ menu, it seems that you can only select physical addresses from a map - for services like the above two examples which operate solely online, it might be a better idea to provide a curated list of “addressless” services where it doesn’t make sense to try and tie the purchase to an exact location.

There’s a thread about it here with the logic/reasoning (and lots of complaints) as to why this is happening.

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