Online Purchase confirmation (Card Image)

(Abdulkadir) #1

so i payed for domain purchase, and I was requested to send “a screenshot of the card’s account management page showing the URL bar, and two of the three following items: the last four digits of the card number, the credit card owner’s name, or the transaction with the domain hosting company”, but when i sent the Monzo card picture as requested it was rejected because my name was not on the card. I also sent the transaction page on my monzo app but they do not seem to be satisfied because they made the same request over again.

What is the best way to bypass this if I cannot use PayPal?

(Mike Fuller) #2

Whether Monzo or another card it’s best not to deal with suppliers who ask to be sent a copy of your card for online transactions. It shouldn’t be necessary but I’m guessing that you are dealing with an overseas supplier which lacks the capability of processing transactions from overseas properly.

It could also be a scam to collect your security info.

(Andy Little) #3

That sounds a little suspicious to me. I’ve paid for domains before and just done a normal transaction, no extra information need.

That said an insurance company refused my Monzo card because “there’s no name on that card”.
I just paid with a different card, that sort of thing should stop happening once the current accounts are launched.

(Abdulkadir) #4

Thank you guys, I am dealing with “Hostgator” and they seem quite serious about the information they need because they keep sending the same request over and over again and since I cannot provide them with a URL since monzo uses only a mobile app, they have returned my money.


I have another bank where they specifically advised not to send any URL to anyone in case they are used for fraud or hacking. Along with they other information they requested it sounds very similar to a phishing request…though glad you got your money back safely