Onedox Open Banking Preview

(Simon B) #21

I haven’t been following what’s been happening with this, but I’ll try and get some more context from our partnerships team as to what happened here.


I’ve been in two minds about Onedox in general, and integration with Monzo in particular.

I really like the concept and have signed up. But I just don’t use it. The Google doc integration is great - and it’s helped me with my filing - but I just don’t go to the website.

Now, Monzo is becoming the centre of my financial life and it’d be super cool to have Onedox like functionality in the app.

But taking a step back, I just don’t see how Onedox can make money. I’ll likely rely on comparison sites to switch. Integration with Monzo would make me use it, but I can’t see how the financials would work - both would be thing for the same referrals income.

If Monzo were a little down the line, I could see them maybe operating like big tech companies and acquihiring/acquiring smaller companies like Onedox where there’s a complementary piece of tech, but I’m just not sure on how they can coexist in terms of revenue at the moment.

Which is a big shame, because I’d love all this in my Monzo app.

(Excited about Christmas) #23

Yeah I’ve no idea how it would make money, but it would be awesome to have direct links from transactions to docs. Maybe OneDox could just charge an annual fee to Monzo, rather like I think IFTTT do?

(Steve Nuscent) #24

Shame the Monzo thing didnt work out. Onedox and similar apps are useful when you need it. It’s not a daily app. And it doesn’t make money. Onedox makes £1,100 per month and is burning £50k per month on the tech. It relies on keeping open user accounts to scrape the data. It cant do Vodafone because of 2 factor auth. It’s forecasts are optimistic too, estimating op. profit of £67m in 5 years time. There is a role for managing agreements but its not Onedox in my view. Same goes for Wonderbill. AdminBox does a similar thing. Basically, there are NO APIs in utilities, which makes life difficult but means there is a gap in the market.

(Nathan) #25

Only coming across onedox today. Fantastic idea and something i think the monzo marketplace should include to be honest down the line.


They’ve just released water bill support although only bill fetching with Thames water, the others are there but ‘manual data’ according to the email.


They seem to have stalled completely with new providers. I wonder whether they’re struggling already…

(Andre Borie) #28

I got an email from them a couple months back saying their idea didn’t work out so I’m not sure the project is even still alive.


Ahha, interesting. There were a lot of question marks, so not surprising, but a bit of a shame

(Robert Nicholson) #30

They’ve now started collecting your MOT history, it’s alarming seeing now many times my car has failed!! So they are still adding to it and presumably seeking strategic investors in the background.

I find the tech they’ve built useful and should be worth something…