Onedox Open Banking Preview

(Tom Warren) #1

(Ashley) #2

This looks really good, I use something called Cleo. At the moment but its not so much household finance based, this is great how it integrates the actual contracts into a single app. I hope all providers support this and it will do well… allowing easy tarrif switching may even drive price down for the customer and improve competition!

(Grant MacGregor) #3

@TomW, how long do you estimate before this is rolled out?

(Tom Warren) #4

I’m in no way affiliated with Onedox but I believe the video states “later this year” for the Open Banking implementation.


Has anyone used Onedox for its existing features? What do you think of it?

There’s a closed thread on here about it but most comments seen to be based on initial impressions rather than sustained use.

(Tom Warren) #6

I’ve recommended it to a few people now and it has helped them. Recommended to someone yesterday and it reminded them that their car needed an MOT, so already had a positive within a few minutes. He then proceeded to add all the rest of his accounts :smiley:

All-in-all I’ve got a handful of other people to give it a try :slight_smile:


Thanks. How long have you been using it?

(Tom Warren) #8

I’d say almost a year now. My parents how been using it about six months and it helped them find cheaper energy suppliers. They didn’t switch via Onedox, but it helped them get all the info together they could use to go and compare manually themselves etc.

(Andy) #9

I’ve been using OneDox for a while now, it was better than Wonderbill.

It’s a great easy way to see all your outgoings and bills in one place, with the attached invoices if needed. It’s got everything from Netflix to my TV licence.

It’s easy to see if a particular bill is starting to cause concern. Highly recommened.