One DD/multiple transactions - budgeting

If you have a single Direct Debit configured with a 3rd party and they make multiple charges through the duration of the month through the DD, budgeting does not work.

Enabling “repeating payments” automatically activates this feature across all the charges within the single DD and only the last one, time-wise, is being accounted for in the budgeting.

I pay rent and 5% management fee through the same DD. Sometimes budgeting show only rent and sometimes only the fee. Never both. As any changes to the repeating payments options for any of the charges immediately affect all other charges too, this makes it very clumsy to work with.

Could this be fixed?


I have a direct debit that is taken every week and usually consists of 4 transactions on the same day, for my situation I just created a pot that it all comes out of and disabled the recurring transaction party, I don’t use the budgeting features to be fair as I find them too annoying to use.