Old joint account

11 years ago I opened a joint bank account with my then housemates to manage our utility bills. It worked well enough and although it might have been ill advised my housemates have turned out to be trust worthy and I’ve had no problems since.

However, although we emptied the account ten years ago, we never formally closed it and it lingers on in my credit report. Although the account still shows, interestingly my housemates don’t appear as people with a financial connection. (EDIT: they do appear with transunion but not equifax, but the account appears on both reports.)

A few years ago I tried to close it but was told all three of us would have to come into branch at the same time, and as one of us was living in Germany I gave up.

Is this worth the bother of trying to resolve?

I suppose it depends on whether your other joint account holders can get you in to debt without your agreement in the terms and conditions of the account

The above would be my only concern :point_up_2: otherwise keep it open and reap the benefits of a historic account on your credit report :slight_smile:

i would have thought you could get yourself removed off account without the need to contact the other partys.

I closed a joint account on wednesday with the co op , without the other joint account holder involvement

Me too. But that was what I was informed at the time, whether accurately or not :woman_shrugging:t2: