‘Offline’ pot withdrawals

Would be great to be able to move money out of and into a pot when signal is unavailable, as soon as WiFi/mobile data is active Monzo could then update. Allows us to transfer money and pay for items in areas with no/little signal.

Surely this is impossible as it would move you into a negative balance?


I could be missing something, but if you have no signal, surely the transfer couldn’t actually take place as the app would need to connect to send the information through and allow the transfer.


I thought that! But there’s lots of things that run offline, like card machines, tills, gaming apps etc which all sync when you’re back online…so thought maybe it would be a helpful way of getting money if you had no signal out of your pots :slight_smile:

Not if it took account of how much you actually had in your unlocked pots… technically there’s money there. There’s a want/need to also explore the possibility of spending straight from a pot…so I think it works hand in hand really :slight_smile:

I suppose maybe they could make a setting that allows money to come out of pots if there is not enough in the main account, although I’m not keen on the idea

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It would sync when you’re back online in theory, but in the mean time the transfer wouldn’t have actually occurred so you still wouldn’t be able to spend it until you found signal again. :confused:


To be safe you should only do banking over a secure connection :closed_lock_with_key: Personally Id never do this over public WiFi because you don’t know who is listening or how secure it is etc.

So only doing your banking at home or places you trust means you also always have Internet available :blush:

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Not really. All connections are done over a pinned SSL connection, so there’s no risk of interception.

The only thing someone monitoring the connection could see is the fact you use Monzo.


Most people are on the go now, hence online banking and apps…most people do their banking wherever they’d like on their phones, which means being connected to your mobile data or WiFi at work, cafes etc

That’s more to do with Mastercard and how the payment systems work. Moving money in/out of a Pot is something done strictly within Monzo, so you need internet access to do it.

I suppose theoretically the way to achieve what you’re asking, would be to have a “Spending” pot that pushes spent amounts automatically back into the main balance when a payment is made.


That could work - however I didn’t think you were able to spend out of your main balance if it was 0.00 to start with (hence the idea to have an offline mode, which updates balances later) - how would the system know which pot to push out of, with no internet connection?