Offline payment and multiple cards

So I’m thinking of making a monzo acc but I’ve got a couple of questions before that, that I couldn’t find the answer too

I’ve seen people say the app sends you a notification when you make a payment so you can keep track. Is there an option to pay from my phone (as Google pay does) and does it work offline? I don’t have 4g everywhere so I need to be sure I’ll be able to pay abroad (outside the uk) when I have no internet access.

Also, when you make an account you geta physical and a virtual card? Can you make multiple virtual cards?


No virtual cards. You can add to Google Pay.

You’ll only need to authorise with online merchants that are 3D secure. You won’t need to when you are paying with the physical card because you are present.



Just a physical card. Plus the Google/Apple Pay one.

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