Ofcom rule that mobiles sold by operators need to be unlocked


Great news, I was under the impression this practice ended years ago but looks like it’s only certain carriers. I got a new iPhone from EE the other day and was a bit surprised/annoyed I can’t use the esim functionality until they allow me to unlock my phone in 6 months.

You’ll be able to use the eSim on EE, whether the physical SIM is locked out though… last phone I got was an iPhone 6 on EE and it came unlocked

Yeah that’s a bit weird, I thought EE stopped that years ago.

Not sure if I read you correctly but definitely can’t use eSim from other carriers. Only looking to use it for travelling so not really an issue for the next 6 months anyway, just annoying not to be able to use a feature of the phone.

It was about time, though it’s a shame that this only applies from December next year and not near immediately.

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I like it how one of them said we’ll respect the ruling and follow this when it’s implemented, that’s 12 months off ish, just implement it now and stop being bell ends


I believe this was Vodafone, which in all fairness offer free unlocking. Of the ‘major’ providers, I believe only EE, Tesco Mobile, and Virgin Mobile charge while in contract or within some minimum period. The devices are typically then unlocked for free after some fixed time.

That said, there’s no reason for it to take over a year to implement. There’s some argument about moving old locked stock and adapting systems, but there could simply have been a 12 month transition period where locked devices could be sold provided they are unlocked on request.

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