Octopus Saving Sessions

Looks related to this maybe?

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we’re already using coal:

In December seemed to have peaked at 1.58GW.

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The next Saving Session:
Tomorrow for 1 hour and 30 minutes between 16:30 - 18:00 GMT

Earn 3200 OctoPoints - worth £4.00 - for every unit of power you cut down

While I see tomorrow’s session is now 4:30pm - 6pm, I could have sworn that was shown as 11:30am-1pm in the Octopus app a few hours ago :thinking:

Just switched to Octopus Tracker.

My fix expired last month.


I did the same yesterday, will be interesting to see how much difference it makes.

I was reading that earlier and it seems like most are only switching gas.

I have electricity with Octopus and was struggling to find what the daily rate has been on that tariff. Moreso because I’d need to keep an eye on it going forward too.

DYOR etc etc. But some of the comments on the link seem to make out that you need to check it daily or you’ll end up being caught out, but that seems like a lot of extra faff?

I need to crunch some numbers I think!

Most were arguing weekly is fine and you get alerts through the app.

I have the Octopus app installed and can’t see any kind of tracker, unless they’re referring to a different app :person_shrugging:

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Someone mentioned the Octo-Aid app , although I am finding it pretty clunky.

I use(d) the Octopus Watch (https://octopus.smarthound.uk/) app when I was on Agile Octopus and then Octopus Go - it worked brilliantly - especially with Agile. I’m now on Intelligent Octopus so it works OK when the normal ‘cheap slots’ are within the usual 23:30-05:30 off-peak period, but it can’t cope with cheap slots that are generated by Octopus/Ohme outside of the usual off-peak periods when charging the car unfortunately.

After checking if it supports your tariff I’d give it a try, plug in your API and Account details & get an accurate view of what you are using & being charged (both currently and historically)

Someone has posted a shortcuts link (sorry Android) to get the daily rate for your area.


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I applied for this, and was told that you actually get billed for the month on the average monthly rate, not charged per day on the day rate……

Not sure if people were aware.

Daily gives you a chance to see it hitting 94p per unit and run like the wind!

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Depends how quickly octopus will change your tariff. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Apparently you can do it online right away, but the proof will be in the pudding!

Here is a neat visual showing the impact of a recent saving session:


source: https://twitter.com/DrSimEvans/status/1622550048671236096?s=20&t=8HF_s0Bv1WqSsBDiV2RfQQ


Shows it works well at least :pinched_fingers:

Would the much sharper recovery to peak usage not put more strain on the network rather than help?

I’m no expert, but I suspect the benefits from a reduction in peak demand during times of limited supply far outweigh the challenges associated with a sharp simultaneous rise among people who signed up for the scheme. Plus that rise among those who sign up occurs after the peak and (in theory) does not contribute to an overall rise in demand. It’s just shifting the demand for some people to spread it out a bit more and limit the overall demand at any given time.