Octopus Saving Sessions

Looking forward to my 0p savings again :joy:


Let’s go Octopus, Let’s go Octopus!

I have, inadvertently, been doing the @davidwalton rinse today. Two washes, two rounds in the dryer, oven running. Glad I’ll see some returns from it!

Though I haven’t been notified of the saving session. Shouldn’t there be an email or push or something? If it wasn’t for the community I never would’ve opted in.

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I received both

I got both too.
They cut it fine today though, proper last-minute notification giving people very little chance to ramp-up from 2:30pm onward.

Side note on octopus

The tracker tariff has reached a 50% discount on gas for me tomorrow, first time since I went on the tariff. Saving £40/50 a month on it.

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Taken me a couple of weeks to crunch the numbers, but the tracker is proving worthwhile for me so far.

For my use, BG would have been £229.18 for 1/2 to 3/3. With Octopus it was £148.73. Saving over £80!

Really glad I switched!


And also because from here onwards, bulb have joined forces with them

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ChatGPT is leaking

Translated to:

And also because from here onwards, Octopus has taken on abandoned Bulb customers because it is one of the great stand-up UK companies which fight against the usual but won’t leave the wounded behind.

Amen :pray: DWChatGPT-7

The question was which company is best?

So I answered.

That wasn’t a question? Did you post in the wrong thread by mistake?

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I still haven’t had the results of last week’s saving session. Do they usually take this long?

Me neither. They can take a while. From memory, one of the more recent results took almost 2 weeks to appear.

Another session tomorrow. Thought they’d already met the quota for how many of these sessions were planned.

So tomorrow full on power between 1430 - 1730?


Oh yes - I have a day off work!

Depleted car battery to charge. Shower needs cleaning, oven cleaning cycle too, ASHP on full, Hot tub heating, Lights on full, Dishwasher, 2x Washing machine loads, ironing to do…

The last session in this cycle though. Go for it!

1430 - 1730 power-rinse
1730 - 1830 normal use
1830 - 1930 main breaker switch off


Email from Ocotopus this morning that they aren’t upping my DD even though the Gov £66/67 has now finished, says it’s based on my current balance and payments. :partying_face:


I’m ready for my first saving session, any tips? Given that my house uses £2 a day in electric normally… Does the saving session count gas too? cause I may just put the heating on when I get home