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Agile users: do you notice much of a price reduction when the price cap drops on agile?
The price cap goes down to around 22p a unit in July and my areas average on agile isn’t too far short of that, I just wondered if you noticed much of an average reduction when the price cap is dropped?

The price cap follows the average wholesale price, which Tracker/Agile pass on to you a little bit more quickly.

Given that the price cap is expected to increase in the second half of the year, I wouldn’t be surprised if soon enough Agile/Tracker were regularly above the price cap.


Not a great deal of a drop and difficult to predict.

Looking back, the average price here is 15p per kWh, averaged over the last 90 days (Agile)

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The price was already lower than the price cap so no benefit from me really. Price cap doesn’t follow agile tbh as the cap is 100p/kWh.

Agile vs Flexible

Shifted to optimal usage :

Without shifted times:

Agile vs Tracker

Shifted to optimal usage :

Without shifted times:

So tracker isn’t far of Agile tbh even after shifting.

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My average unit cost on Agile is 18.8p for the past month and 19.8p for the past week, so still a saving overall, but not like the old days, and yes, very close to the price cap.

The Agile price definitely seems to have crept up a little though, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see that reflected in future price caps.

I think we’re definitely in a ‘ride it out’ period, the benefit will come back to us later in the year.

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Thanks all, it’s kinda what I expected but I had not been through it myself.
At least with home assistant and octopus compare I can track it to see if it’s worth switching as at least we are not locked in (other than 30 days rejoin)

Now I can load shift most major appliances automatically with HA to the best time and the hybrid car charging I can always go intelligent octopus go to offset.

I guess as well the weather has been very poor in June so far to tell how much that will affect pricing with lots of sun and breezes with less usage.

I am getting tempted with a battery and even possibly a little solar if the pricing is okay (we have limited sun where I am)

I use HA massively with around 50 automations (not just octopus) and some using NodeRED. Using smart plugs with energy monitoring linked to octopus integration is really nice so I actually know how much it’s costing me to run said devices.

Saving sessions are where it’s at to turn the whole house into darkness

Not to mention price plunge, Blackpool illuminations!

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My intelligent go off peak rate is dropping from 7.5p to 7p in July, which is nice:

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Mine too, and my day rate is going down about the same as yours too.

My standing charges are “only” 49p though - are they decided regionally? I don’t know how they work.

Yeah standing charge is based on region

Mines 60p :neutral_face: Wales and North West.

Not sure what mine is yet as still in a fixed rate which is due to end at the end of July this year. I’ve been looking at Out Fox the Market though so may switch out - unsure at the moment.

Switch to where? No matter what if your in a fixed rate you need to pay to leave I’m pretty sure?

Out fox the market - it’s a cheaper energy supplier. Yeah I wouldn’t be switching out of contract and paying £75 each when I only have 34days remaining. That would be silly. I have my moments but I’m not that wet lol

How is it cheaper than tracker/agile? Or are you referring to standing charge or comparable to flexible (standard variable)?

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Predictions looking good for the coming days!

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