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What’s the octoplus app? I’ve searched the AppStore but can’t see one by them called that.

Octoplus is their rewards points thing. Not a separate app. Bottom right button in their normal app


-10.08 here. Days like that make me want agile but the whole winter rate is scary.
Tempted with intelligent octopus.

Feb/Mar - switch to Agile (wind & sun) & summer = reduced prices, often negative
Oct/Nov - switch to IOG (if EV available) and engineer extra cheap slots

That cycle beats tracker, but takes more of both faith and effort.

I switch to tracker around November December time

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Didn’t think you could as it was a fixed 12 months?
Otherwise I would.
I have been comparing using this good app: ‎Octopus Compare on the App Store

I’ve found that Tracker is a 12-month tariff and if you leave it before the end of the cycle, you can’t rejoin for 9 months after leaving.

Smart tariffs seem different - you can rejoin 30 days+ after leaving. But it’s now 4 months since I left IOG for Agile and the T&C’s do change a lot, so for all I know it could take a different approach to switching these days. Come Oct/Nov I’ll find out…

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Weird question but does the Octopus Home Mini act as some kind of Zigbee bridge?

I ask because I’ve been having so many issues because my gas meter is only just too far away from the electricity/comms unit to reliably send data. Having days of gas data missing was a regular occurrence for me.

I moved my OHM to half way between the two and a day or two later I noticed gas data coming through reliably. It’s been over a month now without a single day missed, and for the first time ever today my monthly gas read was sent automatically.

I mean this could be a complete coincidence, but I’m convinced it’s the OHM that’s relaying the signal.

Yes as the smart meters are zigbee only reading. It reads then sends via WiFi.
Your readings come from o2 or radio link (Scotland) and the ohm is only to show detailed stats in the close term I think, not the same as real meter readings.
My app lags in radio readings but shows good for a day or so from the ohm.

I don’t think that’s quite what I’m getting at here.

I’m aware that the gas meter connects to the comms unit via Zigbee and the comms unit sends readings via the mobile network.

I’m also aware that the OHM only connects to the comms unit via Zigbee and sends additional readings via WiFi.

The Zigbee connection between my gas meter and the comms unit was poor, but what seems to be happening is OHM is acting as a repeater and allowing my gas meter to reliably communicate with my comms unit with readings going out via the comms unit.

I can’t find anything about this documented online though.

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Ohh sorry I misunderstood. It’s possible if they are on on the same zigbee network as it is a meshing network at heart.

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Ah that makes sense! That’s incredibly cool, but I do wonder why this isn’t actually advertised as a feature because it would solve so many smart meter problems. My guess is there are some nuances to how different gas meters and comms units operate that mean that this won’t always work.

I honestly didn’t think they would be on the same network for a security standpoint but it would put the hardware cost up.
Also 2.4ghz WiFi can cause issues as they are on the same frequency (Hue bulb user here) and you can’t set the zigbee range selection to try and minimise overlap so if you have change anything WiFi lately that could have an effect.

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There’s a ton of variables here unfortunately. Meter manufacturers, comms hub versions, security certificates, zigbee channels, WiFi network frequency & bandwidth - it’s a rough area to try & develop a working solution that fits all.


They billed me to flexible octopus rates and think that’s ok :joy:

And then said £60 goodwill.

No, £60pm goodwill since January (5 months) will suffice, along with the ~40% reduction from my flexible octopus bill you’ve decided to apply in your favour :facepunch:t3:


I have switched to Agile and am getting HA all setup to monitor things, fingers crossed it all goes well.

Also looking at Ohme Pro vs Zappi.

Complaint update.

Greg didn’t reply, but their billing team did.

Billed me on the old meter (estimated) 27th Dec to 22nd April £239

Some 1,000kwh less because of a ‘faulty’ meter, my extraction day read was 2.2k something but they dispute it saying it’s wrong (probably isn’t because of elec heating etc).

Initially offered me £60, I rejected.

Then jumped to £100, I rejected again.

Explained to them how disappointed I am in the brand, having dragged out a complaint 6 months, two visits, and poor communication.

Commanded £175 to settle, and they agreed.

With the 1k units less paid, and £175 goodwill, I feel that’s fair :call_me_hand:t3:

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Nice :sunglasses:

I’m curious at how you came to that figure? Is there some sort of formula you’ve learnt with your experience / career?

£25 a month x 6 months = £150

£25 on top for my to and fro.

If I’d have gone to £200 he probably would’ve countered at £150.

Probably wouldn’t always work, but it’s never failed.

Barclays didn’t process my brothers bereavement handover form last May following his passing last Feb, had to go the bank and do it all again last week.

Mum had to relive the whole scenerio again to have his account closed and funds released. All very well in branch.

Typed my complaint up for mum, she got awarded £330 (£300 plus some debits back that had been taken in error).

Mum wanted to let it go because the branch staff handled it this time around very well.

Not on my watch :call_me_hand:t3:

Always complain folks :joy:


I always do when there has been a problem. For what it takes to fire off a quick email, as long as you’re polite and stick to the facts, you usually get something in return as you mentioned :+1: