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Not sure how many referrals you’re going to get on the Octopus thread! :laughing:


Referral links also aren’t allowed outside the dedicated referral thread :skull::grimacing:


Just got an email saying my Home Mini is on the way. Can’t remember if I even asked for one. :confused:


Same here. I remember requesting one ages ago. Will be interesting to give it a try when it arrives.

Just ordered the dog toy as finally had enough points :smiley: I reckon it will last 2 days max.

Anyone got experience of linking their Octopus account to Givenergy battery storage? There’s a tariff that will automatically control the charge from grid / discharge to grid, allegedly to minimise spend and maximise SEG payments.

So… I have finally got a smart meter installed!
All working and with a Home Mini when I told him I would be trying to get one! The live data is great!

The octopus guy was very professional and even gave me these for the kids!


Two months on Agile now and noticed that April was WAY cheaper than May.

It’s still a very competitive tariff, but I got lulled into thinking it was dirt cheap all the time.

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Mostly weather dependent - we had a very windy April, which made a lot of cheap energy.

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Still a huge win. We don’t really load shift and find on average there is only pennies between Tracker and Agile for our use - Agile is slightly cheaper.

And then you get those negative days that make it all worth the gamble.


Ride it out. The more expensive May will be reflected in the price cap in a few months time.

I’ve just fixed for 12 months with Octopus, at 3% below the current price cap. Seems that the cap is predicted to increase quite a bit for the winter, when people generally use more energy too. So I felt it was a reasonable shout.

Are agile/tracker people concerned about their prices increasing beyond the cap during winter? If that happens, then the only option would be to move back to the price cap. Which is expected to be higher rates than you can fix for now. Perhaps the savings being made up until such a scenario still make agile/tracker worth it vs fixing now? Albeit, a gamble.

It’s definitely a gamble. Historically, it’s a gamble that’s continued to pay off without exception.

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My meter complaint still ongoing,

Started in January, I’ve had a new meter working fine.

They’re saying the reading from when the meter was taken out, is too high (it likely isn’t, all elec flat with elec heating).

They’re struggling to bill me to the reads from the meter to ensure I’m billed to agile rates.

I’ve no complaints about their customer service; they’ve all been really nice, even when they do call me “mate”, but having £454 credit sat in the account doesn’t flatter me.

Is it worth emailing the CEO to get it sorted?

Emailed Greg.

Don’t think my resolution is too farfetched :eyes:

  • Told to get lost
  • Agree as a fair outcome
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Does anyone get a ‘Tap To Restart This App For a Better View’ button on the Octopus app (Android) that apparently does nothing?

Any idea what’s happening there?

Very low drop tomorrow! -8.4p at 1:30


Not but I have got an email to say there doing free drinks Monday!

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Then back to 31.50 at 18:30 :joy:

We have someone coming round in a couple of weeks to assess for cavity wall insulation. I registered through Octopus way back before Christmas. It has taken ages!

This is just for an assessment too. Not to carry any work out :astonished:

-9.24 here.

I guess we’ll bake a cake or something :joy: