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Finally got a heat pump surveyor booking for my area, 21 December :melting_face:

Fully expecting the pipework to need an upgrade.

I asked about install dates if all works out and it’s heading towards Summer 2024, but rep thinks he might be able to get early spring as they prioritise age of boiler as a factor.

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I got an email last week about the saving session but it was after it had finished, I didn’t really care as I’m never great with these things anyway and wasn’t around to try and take advantage.

But they must have had some complaints as I got another email last night to say sorry for inviting me after the event and gave me 800 points


There’s an Octopoints spin the wheel and I won! :exploding_head:


So I got 55p from Loop and 408 Octopoints from Octopus.

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Wow congrats! :smiley: (just realised 800 points is about £1 LOL - thought you had hit the jackpot)

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Haha I had a brief moment of excitement, but I think it’s even less than that :sweat_smile: I’ll take it though!

The jackpot is something crazy like 888,888


My results are in…


Beers on me folks.

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Finally, the calculations are in. My results are… Must Do Better

41p. Need a different strategy this time but one remains optimistic. Between Monzo’s inevitable IPO and the Octopus Saving Sessions, one’s private Caribbean island retreat is totally within reach.



44p for me :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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15pence for me :man_facepalming:t2:


Wow. I feel slightly better about the 800 points they gave me for being ineligible now (my smart meter only sends readings intermittently so I couldn’t opt in).

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I win

848 points, whatever that’s worth

Just found out this through the EV forum

If you are looking to get or in the process of getting a heat pump and/or solar then there’s a 5% off (ie £50 off for every grand) and £100 credit deal.

I assume you can probably do the £5 Which trial and cancel after if you don’t have an account.

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Get a which trial from Topcashback and they will give you £6.12 for the full sub:

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Savings session tomorrow, minimum 100 points reward


I was about to come and say I’d be expecting that because the Agile rates tomorrow are fun :upside_down_face:


16:30-17:30 :skull:

Time to flip the main breaker for that hour